These straight razors are made by skilled craftsmen in Solingen West-Germany. They have a super fine, long lasting cutting edge for exceptionally smooth and clean shaves. Their handles unless indicated are made from a poly-propylene composite plastic that is both durable and stylish.***As with all high-quality straight razors, Solingen Straight Razors are made from high carbon steel and may rust if not kept dry.***

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Straight Razor Case
Price: $15.00
Illinois Razor Strop
Price: $47.00
Razor Stone
Price: $19.50
Fromm Strop Dressing
Price: $10.00
Price: $182.00
Buffalo Horn Razor
Price: $345.00
Stainless Steel Razor
Price: $220.00
Straight Razor-5/8
Price: $170.00